Beta 366 -- Sequence aborts after communication with PhD2 failure

I have encountered a weird bug tonight. I upgraded to beta 366 and tried imaging. The sequence starts, autofocus completes and communication with PhD2 fails. Sequence recovery starts and at this point, Scope Centering hangs (it worked and plate solved successfully before i started the sequence).

If I manually try Solve&Sync, nothing happens. If I launch Center on Target, the Center screen appears and it keeps saying waiting (see screenshot). No plate solving frame is acquired.

I closed PhD2 and relaunched, as well as reset the sequence and restarted and same behavior happened.

I reverted to Beta 361 and everything works.

sg_logfile_20191116172912.txt (467.1 KB) sg_logfile_20191116182902.txt (247.5 KB)

I think reverting and having it work was coincidental and due to having everything in a “reset state”. I have fixed the cause of the initial failure… not giving PHD2 enough time to react.

I still need to look into the hang on recovery.

Thanks Ken, much appreciated.

I’ll give Beta 371 a try when I get some clear sky again but I wanted to confirm your suspicion that it was a coincidence that Beta 361 worked. Last night, I was imaging with Beta 361. After some plate solving failures due to clouds, the centering process hung as in the screenshot above. I shut SGP down and restarted it, and centering started working again.

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Just to confirm, I think all of these issues are addressed in 371. If they are not, let me know (I had a hard time reproducing this)