Beta - Equipment Profile Question

Hi, I reinstalled Windows on my image capture laptop and decided to install the beta. While setting up the equipment profile, I saw that the aperture setting for the telescope was in “m” so I was wondering - is that intentional? So, for an 80mm scope I would enter .08?

I checked the help file but the screen shown there is completely different than the one I see.

This is an interesting one John,

I have a Newtonian reflector with a 250mm mirror, if I enter 0.250 into the box, when I save the profile it automatically changes to 0.3 which is 50mm larger than than what I entered, is this significant ? ? ?

Completely forgot about this issue so I thought it good to add this to your thread, I hope you dont mind.


See: Telescope Aperture Control Digits
(“Right now, it’s not used for anything”)


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