Binning and settings

If I am going to bin 3x3, do I need to change the setting in Equipment Profile Manager/Camera/Settings and Specs/Pixels to 1/3 the normal (no binning) number? Besides Scale, what other settings will I need to change if I’m going to bin at anything other than 1x1?

All camera specs and image scale values should always be entered for 1x1 binning and never changed as your own binning varies.

So just to confirm, I should ONLY change the settings in the sequence and nowhere else?

Sorry, I’m no longer understanding what you are asking. You don’t need to change camera specification information anywhere… just leave them all at the 1x1 values and change your binning to heart’s content.

I thought I would need to change the image scale in Equipment Profile Manager/Camera/Settings and Specs/. I don’t?

Correct… all spec info and scale info are only ever entered for the unbinned camera.

Thank you! I guess I was overthinking it!