Blank frames with STF8300?

I’m getting blank frames every once in awhile when I shoot with my STF8300. I seem to remember reading about this somewhere, can anyone fill me in on a fix?

It specifically happens when I focus.

Are you using a powered USB hub? I was getting these blank frames too
until I switched to a high quality powered USB hub. Not all hubs are
equal. I bought a USB3 7 port:
I tested this hub by taking 2000 bias frames and not a single one was
blank. I still think that it also has something to do with the SBIG
driver, but they tell me differently :slight_smile:

Another thing to try when USB problems occur is to go into SBIG driver checker and check the box for asynch USB under “config driver”. Sometimes that helps.

I had this with my FLI camera. It would happen more often the shorter the
exposure is. I.e. every now and then when I’m focusing and almost always
when I took bias frames.



I thought it was you! Thanks, I’ll do that!

CCDMan, I’ll do that too! Mark, I had that happen with my ST-10 and it was shutter. After a reboot it worked. I am going to replace the hub though… I think that could be an issue. After finally fixing my roof sensors (linear switches are amazing) and repairing my weather station (temp/humidity sensor died, thank god it’s user replaceable), I’m almost 100% again.