Blind solve fail

i have the latest version of ssg and when i click right on the photo that i took from ssg on the app screen i can choose plate solve and choose blind solve…afet a couple of seconds i have my solve made.
but when i ask ssg to center my image it take a picture according to my needs and try to plate solve that fails…then when it try to blind solve it takes an eternity and dont work…
i have choose as blind solve.
the plate solver 2 i tried to download the APM cathalog but when i go to the site it say timeout.
i have used ssg in a previous version and it was working well.
i have been to figure it out for a couple of hours…and now i am a litle bit frustrated.

tell me what i did wrong and what to do…

thank you

excuse me
i have the latest SGP…and not SSG
thank you


We can’t really tell what is going on without logs. More information on that below.

The remote version of Astrometry.NET was down for a day or so a few days ago… not sure if this intersected with your problems… I highly recommend a local install (ANSVR). @Andy has made it easier than it has any right to be…

Anyhow, your description, while real, only leads me to ask 20 more questions… the answers to which are all in your log files (you will need to reproduce the issue or dig out the log file that shows the issues).