Bug report: Auto focus is capturing frames while focuser is moving

I am running version using a Rigel nStep and Canon T1i camera. I have noticed that the focus exposures begin less than a second after the focuser starts to move. For both the fist exposure and the confirmation exposure the focuser is moving throughout the exposure. Considering the backlash I have this produces unusable images for both of these exposures and the calculation of the optimal focus setting is off by a bit.

I am a new user and I’m not sure how/where to upload my sample image and log files.




Please take a look here and we’ll see what we can find. It is likely not a bug… possibly a driver issue or maybe that your focuser drivers need an update:

Thank you so much for the link. I have posted my files on my own web server at http://casazza.net/sgp/

I am using a rather old Rigel driver because I have not been able to find a newer one. It would be great news to find a new one. I am using a 2011 driver from http://www.astrogene1000.com/products/gcusb_nstep/gcusb_nstep.htm dated 3/7/2011 (V5.0.7).

You can see the issue in the logs when the af_issues.fit file was captures at 11:39. Unfortunately, I did not know about AFPacks. If that turns out to be necessary, I will do that, but my next opportunity to test will be under pristine dark skies where I will probably go back to my old ways after capturing one quick set of logging information.



Have you tried the drivers from the Rigel site:

http://rigel.datacorner.com/rigelsys/steppermotor.html (at the bottom)


The driver did indeed fix it. I don’t know how I missed that new driver when I did my software refresh this winter. I think I may have given up on every seeing a new driver since is was so long.

The problem is fixed. I will be trying it out at a dark site, if I can manage to avoid constant cloud cover.