Bug report - Recovery mode is not activating

I thought I was imagining it but the recovery mode is not kicking in. I had a little cloud last night that shut me down.
Recovery mode is enabled in the options and the green indicator is on but it did nothing. Doing a search for ‘recovery’ in the log file confirms that it did not recover:

[30/04/2016 20:04:44] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] * SETTING: settingAutoRecoveryActive = False
[01/05/2016 00:19:14] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Handling monitoring event (Good Night System, Error): (Sunflower Galaxy (M63)) Something has gone wrong and the auto guider lost the guide star, but recovery mode is NOT active!

I loaded this morning, checked the option was enabled, rebooted and checked the log file, I got the same settingAutoRecoveryActive = False statement in the log file.

I think I had this issue in an earlier beta too - I will have to go through the logfiles until I find “settingAutoRecoveryActive = True”

I enabled the recovery mode in 2015 and haven’t touched it since!


Can we see the logs too?

Sure thing.

I can see the same issue in the logs with - the recovery mode was enabled in the program, but shown to be disabled in logfile. I don’t have any older logs that go back further, sorry.

How are you checking for enabled? We fixed a bug around this in that might have placed you into an “off” state.

Hi Ken - there is a check box in the options, along with the recovery interval and give-up time. The green indicator on the bottom right also lights up.

Do I do a full uninstall and load SGP in again - or could it be to do with importing old sequences/profiles? This particular sequence is a new one, created a few weeks ago.

No worries on this one. After I wrote this I found the true cause of the bug… it should be fixed in

Hi Ken - just loaded Many thanks for doing that so quickly- Just a note, the log file still shows recovery mode being set to false, even when the indicator is green - I will see if it is now just a log file issue…

Just tested this… seems like a bit of bad logging.

I just experienced the same thing on Recovery mode enabled in options and the indicator was green, but recovery failed to activate. I can’t seem to find the release. Is it available?



Never mind. I found it right where it’s supposed to be - on the download page. It just wasn’t in the release notes at the top of the forum page…