Camera settings - Equipment Profile Manager


In the Equipment Profile Manager i have a few questions

  1. Under Settings and Specs - What does the Angle field do?
    Do I set this to 90 if my sensor is in “Portrait” mode

  2. Under Gain value e-/ADU
    What does Link Cam mean? Does it take the Ascom settings
    How do i have a profile for the different modes of the QHY600M where I have 4 readout modes available to me
    What is the impact of not populating the e-/ADU field?

Using the QHY camera and saving a file it shows Offset not set. Are there plans to allow for an offset with the QHY cameras?

And finally in SGP 4 - will the native QHY 64bit driver be used instead of ASCOM?



Even a pointer to a manual

  1. The angle is the rotational angle of the camera relative to the sky. If you use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to setup your targets you can get a feel for how this angle affects the presentation of your targets.

  2. -I’m not totally sure what “Link Cam” does, but if you want your ASCOM driver settings to control the camera then leave it as “Not Set”. This means SGP will look at the settings in the ASCOM driver and use those values.
    -The e-/ADU field is used to calculate the ideal exposure if you need that. You can get that value from the camera specs by the manufacturer. Personally I have not found the ideal exposure calculator to be all that helpful.

  3. SGP uses only ASCOM to control equipment. Currently ASCOM does not expose the offset to be able to change it. You can change it in the ASCOM camera driver settings, but external software can’t change that parameter yet. (Actually I think the newer ASCOM 6.5 platform does expose the offset, but 6.5 has had a lot of problems so I’m not installing it until issues get worked out.)

  4. The first thing they are planning for v4 is 64bit support, but I don’t believe they have any plans to support any native drivers and will continue to use only ASCOM drivers.

Thanks for this…

So even though ASCOM 6.5 exposes offset but can’t be changed in SGP, Does it still use the setting as part of the imaging parameter?