Cannot connect PegasusAstro focuser

I have the focuser and controller hooked up to each other and to my laptop and the following installed:

ASCOM Pegasus Astro Focus Driver

Cable connections:
RJ45 connecting focuser to controller.
USB B to A connecting controller to laptop.
controller shows the green light

In SGP I select the Pegasus focuser and try to connect. It won’t connect and actually locks up SGP. The message says “error connecting to ASCOM UPB Pegasus”

Actually I’m now getting “Windows does not recognize the device” when I plug in the USB cable. Is there another driver I’m missing?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Just the ASCOM driver and the UPB software should be all you need. Pretty sure you need to have the UBP software up and running as well as I’m (fairly) certain their ASCOM driver communicates through the software.


Thanks. That’s a step I hadn’t taken. I guess the more basic error I’m getting is when I connect the controller (which is connected to the focuser) via the USB cable to the laptop: “(the USB device) malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.” It’s unclear which device it’s not recognizing since they’re connected in series. Maybe I need to check in with the PegasusAstro folks.

Update: their forum is much less active so still waiting for feedback.

Problem solved. The UPB driver was wrong for my focuser and needed to be uninstalled. Also I needed to click on the wrench for the focuser to select the COM port.