Cannot connect Vixen SXD to SGP Pro

Hi to all!

I am experiencing impossibility to connect a Vixen SXD via ASCOM driver to SGP Pro 3.0 and 2.6.

This is the error:


I am aware that the ASCOM Starbook driver (made by Peter Enzerink) is old and not more maintained. Is it possible to do something to connect mount using a workaround?

That error doesn’t say that the mount won’t connect, just that SGP will assume that the coordinates are J2000. Is there other evidence that it isn’t connecting?

After 2-3 minutes of trying to connect and that error, this is the subsequent error display:


Connection icon stays few seconds in orange colour and after turns grey again… i don’t know if the twos are correlated.

We’d need logs to take a look.


Here log files. They are not so big so i gonna send directly as (11.9 KB)

Your logs indicate that you are using the Celestron driver but you say you have a Vixen SXD telescope with StarBook.

I wouldn’t expect that to work, the Celestron driver was never designed to work with the StarBook.

I am 100% sure Sphinx driver was selected, i don’t know why logfile reports this, watch this line:

[02/18/18 16:09:23.660][DEBUG] [Main Thread] Disconnecting ASCOM Telescope: Sphinx.Telescope


[02/18/18 16:00:40.877][DEBUG] [Main Thread] New telescope object (Celestron Telescope Driver) dispatched…

My Sequence has Celestron driver loaded because i have another mount, but i do usually change it before testing with SXD, i don’t understand why the diagnostic log does not report it.


I saw the first entry that mentioned the Celestron telescope but not the second. The second could be more accurate because it’s the ProgId which SGP uses to load the driver while the first is a description property in the driver.

I don’t know where the Celestron name has come from, it could be that the Sphinx driver is named Celestron for some reason or that the Celestron name was somehow inherited from your other profile in SGP. Both are unlikely.

I can’t do more because the Sphinx driver doesn’t appear to be available, the link in the ASCOM downloads section no longer exists.

I have it … Sent as attachment: (350.4 KB)

Thanks, I’d found it on Peter’s site. It all looks fine to me and the Celestron name isn’t coming from that so it looks as if it must be left over in SGP somehow.

I tried it with Conform.
It seems to run remarkably well, even with no hardware. It did take some time to sort itself out at the driver creation and connect phase, something like 15 to 20 seconds. The SGP log seems to talk about timeouts there and if it takes some time to connect, even with hardware, maybe SGP isn’t waiting long enough.

One thing to try is to connect through POTH rather than directly, The driver is single threaded and using POTH may help to keep SGP’s multi threading happy.

I can understand Peter’s point. Writing drivers can be a pretty thankless task, especially with no support from the manufacturer.

Can i ask you how to connect through POTH?. POTH will act like a proxy or something like this?

Ah OK. Maybe there are some ASCOM POTH hub dirivers. I connect SGP Pro to these and POTH to the mount …