Canon control, saving on SD card

When using SGP and Canon rebel XS, is there a way to save the files on the camera SD card instead of the computer? I use a tablet with a micro SD storage and it takes 40 seconds to save one raw image. That adds up quickly as wasted imaging time.

Any help would be great!


Sorry, we don’t support this right now. We might be able to do it and just show the much smaller JPG for preview, but I’m not sure.

Thanks Ken.
I tried using a thumb drive and it’s faster.
If I use an even faster drive that shouldn’t be a huge issue. I really like the fact that I can save in fit format.

Another quick update. If I save the files in CR2 format it only takes 13 seconds so it’s a lot faster than saving in Canon/Fit format.

This is not really surprising. SGP has to read the CR2 off of the camera for either method. If you’re only saving CR2 then we just write this to the file system as is. If you’re saving FIT we have to read the raw data out of the CR2, scale it, and then place it in the FIT with some additional metadata.

You can choose either method that fits your needs. FITs contain additional information such as RA, Dec, temperature, etc.