Canon RA Crashes Latest SGPro 64bit

Hello. I bought a Canon Ra and when trying to use it with the latest 64bit versio of SGPro the APP crashes upon trying to connect the Canon. When I try to connect to the 32bit version It allows me to do so. However, When I try to take sub from frame and focus or even from the sequence it will not let me. (I’ve included a screenshot of the error) The solution was to use an earlier 32bit version. Again the Canon Ra will NOT work on any 64bit version. This is more of an FYI post because I just want it to work (and it does with 32 bit) although I would love to know why it will not work on 64 bit.

Edited - Rotated image

Can you include a log from the 32 and 64bit version? Sounds like the ISO may have been entered incorrectly in the 32 bit version and 64bit is likely “something else”


This has been addressed and will be out in the next release.



Any idea when that will be?

Some point today 5/4