Canon XSI ISO not saved in FITS header

Been using a Baader modified Canon Xsi, and noticed when stacking that the ISO is not being written in the FITS header. This is making it more of a pain to automatically align my darks taken at different iso’s.

I looked and don’t see a setting for this - it happened automatically on my Nikon D5100.

Thanks in advance,


Please a read through this:

I can’t duplicate this with my 60D. Any info you can provide to assist would be helpful. If you can upload an unaltered FIT somewhere I can take a look as well as the SGP log that created it.


I downloaded Fits liberator, and the ISO is actually listed in the header. Just looks like deep sky stacker does not like for some reason.

That weird. Looking at the head for the Nikon and the Canon, the iso field is set. But it doesn’t show up for the Canon in DSS.

I’ll head over to the DSS yahoo group and ask over there I guess.