Cant connect QSI camera

Trying to connect a QSI 640 camera to SGP for the first time. I have been using Maximdl, CCD Commander and TSKYX Pro for my imaging from this computer.

I can connect my Gemini mount and my SBIG Sti camera but when I try to connect the QSI camera SGP crashes. If I try to access the camera properties then I get a class not registered error message. I have verified connection through Maximdl.

Is is a Windows 10 system.

All help is appreciated.


Hi Ray,
If you post your logs via Dropbox or something similar I’m sure some help will be along shortly…

I’m not familiar with your software enough to know where the logs are or what their called, would appreciate if you could direct me to them.

Thank you

Oh by the way do I need to run SGP as administrator for the first time?


Ray Gilman

I haven’t been able find any logs yet but I did record the exact error that I get when I press the properties button with a QSI camera selected.

Error getting properties dialog. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {F70542D4-CF0B-4F02-BF49-31E8A49665C7} failed due to the following error 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT:0x80040154 (REGDB_E_ClASSNOTReg)).


Here are details outlining how to ask for help… From y ou last message it seems like the COM components of the QSI driver are corrupt and might need to be re-installed:

Sorry to bother you. My bad, I thought that the drivers for the QSI camera were installed but infact just the MamimDl plug in was installed.

I works now

I guess I would still like to know the location of any logs unique to SGP

All of that stuff is in the link I sent in the last post.

I’m sorry but the link did not come over in your response.


Just click on help in sgp and you’ll be able to click in logs from there

I came here with the same problem. Unfortunately I understood that SGP had native support for QSI cameras and did not need a driver installed. On QSI’s website it says " Sequence Generator Pro
Sequence Generator Pro from Main Sequence Software provides complete support for the QSI camera line. With it you can create and execute complex imaging sequences and perform fast “frame and focus” routines (with support for fast download and “draggable” sub-frames).
Learn more from the Main Sequence Software web site>>"

I am happy to install the QSI driver to resolve this error but I don’t think the original poster was out of line asking for help with this.

This is just a vocabulary issue. Native, for QSI (and SBIG and FLI), means that only the “native” manufacturer driver is required to be installed and does not have an additional “wrapper” like an ASCOM driver. SGPro does not distribute these drivers.