Can't connect to Phd

New to SGP and I got everything to connect, except when I connect to phd. Phd works fine by itself, but when I hit the phd icon in SGP it will not connect. Thanks for any help.

So, I guess this means no one knows how to connect to phd? Is it because this is a known problem with sgp? So far my evaluation of the program is not too favorable, given that I can’t even connect for autoguiding.

Hi spooky and Gunny01

I can assure you that SGP works exceptionally well with PHD2.

To enable us to help you, can you describe precisely what is happening, which ‘icon’ you mean, which versions of SGP and PHD2 you are using?

I use the latest beta, and PHD2 snapshot 2.5.0 dev5 and once you have set your PHD2 profile within the Control Panel you can connect directly via SGP. Alternatively you can start PHD2 separately from SGP and the 2 will communicate when a sequence is running: there are a number of PHD2 options within SGP to control the way they integrate.



In PHD do you have the server turned on (Tools/Enable Server)? The server is what SGP talks to.