Can't install on new machine?

Well, I can install it, but it doesn’t take my old saved key.

Generates some error about padding and basically won’t let me do anything.

Finally upgrading acquisition laptop from Win 7 to Win 10 and, well, things aren’t going smoothly.

Does the activation process ask you for a username and password or does it ask for a key? When you say “old key” are you referring to a long string of digits and letters that came with your original purchase email of SGPro 3. If so, that is not a key. Let me know and we can provide further guidance.

It asks for user name and password and wont accept the long string that I thought was a key.

“Padding is invalid and can’t be removed.” All I get if I try to use the ‘forums’ password, the website password, or the long string of characters that isn’t a key I saved on purchase and is shown when I log in and click on ‘display key.’

I need guidance.

You are using a version of SGPro that is no longer supported. New versions will ask for a key and not a username and password. You can get the latest version of SGPro here:

Above, you indicated that you did already install version 3.2. If that’s true, then it seems like you installed the new version, but likely launched an old version. You can get the version of SGPro in the About box in the Help menu.

In terms of getting your key, it seems like you have already located it. In your count I can see that you have already activated 2 different machines with it. appeared to work. Thanks.