Can't save setting for event #5

When I open the option settings for event #5 the “ok” box is cut off at the bottom of the screen and I can’t save the event.


Yes, we need better checking for available real estate. In the meantime, you just drag the sequencer window up higher until you can see all of it. You can drag while event options are open… no need to close first.

I tried dragging. The main is as high as it goes and the event option box does not drag Try it!


Not sure what this means. Are you saying that the sequencer window cannot go any higher because it is already at the top of the screen? If this is not what you are saying, then drag the sequencer window (not the event options window) up higher and the event options will follow it. If it is what you are saying, just hit the “Enter” key (or “Esc” to cancel).

Yes, the sequencer window fills up the entire screen, and the event number 5 window is at the bottom of the screen with okay cut off and there is no way to move it.

This is a very easy fix, get a screen with higher resolution :wink:

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Sounds like a bug in the program to me. You should be able to move that event box around.

We will try to get to a few small-screen issues that exist some time in the future. Maybe 4.0… For now, you can just use Enter and Esc or add more events to push event 5 higher in the list.