Captured Images

Hello all,
Im new here so go easy on me thanks.

I have a QHY8L which im planning on using with my newly acquired SG Pro :smile:

I’ve been doing some tests in daylight to get my head around the software so I
have my cam in an Orion ST80 pointed at the roof of the houses opposite. I’ve took
a rather nice pic of the roofs but in SG Pro’s view it is black & white (the QHY8L takes
in colour in 1x1 binning but B & W in the other binning modes). I used 1x1 binning so
it should be in colour. How do I get S G’s viewer to debayer the image to colour, also
I tried saving the image so I could debayer in Pixinsight but right clicking the image only
gives me the option to save as a Mono fits ???

Help ! ! !

Many Thanks

Hi Paul,

Simple answer is you can’t, SGP displays the raw image from the camera and other than the 3 levels of stretch + manual stretching that is about it.

If you run a sequence the images captured will be able to be debayer these in Pixinsight.

Have a go at taking a short sequence and looking at the resulting files.


Hi Paul,
SGP only displays black and white images. SGP is a capture program only
and not an image processing program. If you take an actual image as
part of a sequence (not just a frame and focus image), it will save the
image correctly, then you should be able to open in PI and debayer.

Thanks guy’s, makes sense.

Although, I’d hardly call an ‘option’ to display a debayered version of your capture on screen ‘image processing’, more a visualisation tool/option for OSC users to fully evaluate what they have just captured, obviously an option like this has no relevance to mono users.

Two capture programs I used previously also offered no image processing capabilities but both gave a debayered view of your captures as they came in if an OSC was used. Would the developers not consider this a worthy option for SGP in future releases ??

Please don’t think im trying to rattling the cage here as im not, just voicing an observation is all.

Many Regards