"Center here" - still no luck

Hi all!

I am testing the newest beta version and the “center here” function doesnt work.
It hangs at “Determining reference frame location” and sits there forever.

Logfile: http://web1036.sabine.webhoster.ag/Bilder/sg_logfile_20150806010041.txt
Screencapture: http://web1036.sabine.webhoster.ag/Bilder/screencap2.avi

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit german,
Solver: Solver is astrometry.net
Mount: Gemini G41 + Pulsar 2

Any idea?

Looks like the astrometry.net server never returned with a solve. What exactly is it that you are “right clicking” on? Is it a file image you opened from disk or is it a frame from the “frame and focus” routine?

I would highly recommend going with a local install of Astometry.net. It is more reliable and you can tune it to your specific needs resulting in much faster solves.

Nevermind, I see you are using an FF frame. In all fairness, the logs indicate that you only waited 29 seconds for a solve before aborting (unless we have a bug that is somehow auto aborting after 30). Are you manually aborting the process?


Sorry for my late respons.
I switched form astrometry.net to Platesolve and “Center here” works perfectly now.
Thanks a lot for the integration of Platesolve2.!
“Center here” is one of the coolest function of SGP!