Center Now altitude calcuation

When attempting to do a “Center Now” with an aligned scope and active camera, receive the error:
“Auto Center failed. Slew to reference failed. Cannot complete slew! The altitude for requested position RA: 27.13 Dec: 43.34 cannot be calculated.”
I’ve never seen this before, but I have resarted SeqGen, the equipment, reconnected the equipment, etc., and there error persists. Slewing to nearby Deneb works fine.

What is happeh

It means that SGPro thinks you have asked to move the scope to a dangerous position. Because this is in error and you can actually move there safely it likely means that:

  • Maybe your horizon limit is too restrictive (found in user profile)
  • Your location in the SGPro user profile is inaccurate
  • Your location within the ASCOM telescope driver is inaccurate.

I’ll look into updating that message to be less cryptic.