Center on plate solve/goto fail at start of sequence into recovery

I am a newcomer to SGPro, having been convinced to migrate over from the maxim side of things, and I am not regretting the switch at all!
However, EVERYTIME since using this software, when I start a sequence, it performs a plate solve, slews, another solve and then I get this message up. Recovery sorts this out no problem, and shortly after starts imaging etc. What could be causing this do you think? I am using the Luminance filter for this and Platesolve2.

Edit…I am unable to find out how to add a photo or error log to this…

Auto centre fail.txt (10.4 KB)

Under control panel-plate solve, scope centering settings are:
Attempt to centre/rotate 1 time
until error is less than 50 pixels
and rotator less than 3deg.

Are these the problem?

Hi and welcome to SGP. Please see this post for instructions on how to
provide a SGP log file:

You have your “attempt to center” set at 1 time. This means that plate
solving will only try one time to get the target within your alotted error
of 50 pixels. Unless you have a super accurate mount that will mostly
likely fail. Try setting the attempts to 10. So let’s say the first
attempt gets you within 150 pixels. SGP will keep trying to plate solve
and center the mount until it gets below 50 pixels error, up to 10 times.
Most mounts require 2-3 plate solve iterations to get there.

That’s my guess.

Great stuff! Thanks very much! :slight_smile: