CenterHere is failing


PlateSolve2 is working well but Center Here consistently fails. I haven’t seen any prior posts that help with my situation. Help!

AP Mach1 mount with ASCOM connection, SBIG STT-8300M and filter wheel with integrated guide camera, PHD2 for autoguiding. All work well with the exception of “Center Here”. I can plate solve an image, take a new image and ask for Center Here, and it progresses through Steps 1-3 but fails at the final step.

One possibility that I haven’t explored is interference from PHD2. I have autoguiding running in the background–do I need to suspend the AG during “CenterHere”? Does it interfere with the slew to the new image center?



How is this failing?

It is very unlikely PHD2 is contributing to the observed behavior in any way.

Here is guidance for data we will need in order to assist:

Screen shots of the SGP CenterHere window and the PlateSolve2 window that briefly appears are in the first link. The screen shot shows the reported failure.

The second link has the SGP log file. After the initial setup a lengthy drift alignment is edited out at 20:32, and the log resumes with the call for CenterHere.

Thanks again.

i have exactly the same setup and it does work for me (well, target centering works, i’m not sure about center here, but it’s pretty much the same), so i think you will be able to get it working.

edit: looking at your screenshots… it is working, it’s just that you have it set up to fail after 1 iteration. make that 2 or 3 and it will work.


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Thank you Sir!

Once the marine layer and/or monsoonal disturbances clear here in “sunny” SoCal I’ll give it a shot with the increase in iterations.

CenterHere is working perfectly now. You were correct Rob–more iterations.

Thanks again.

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Yeah perhaps that default should be changed, helps the new users.

yeah to be honest 1 iteration probably never makes sense. with my mach1 and no rotator, 2 is always sufficient so i set it to 3 to be safe. with a rotator it always seems to take an extra step to get the rotation right, so i set it to 4.

maybe the user should not be able to set the number of iterations below 2?