Centering error message on unselected target

I am in the habit of creating my first target as a dummy target that is not selected. It contains my flats and I also enter RA and DEC for a bright star near my real targets. I will then use slew or center to locate the star for focusing or PHD2 calibration. What I am finding is when I start the sequence, SGP complains that I have set RA/DEC but have not requested a centering operation for this dummy target. This is a reasonable error but it should only appear if the target is selected. I don’t have a log file to illustrate but it is quite easy to reproduce.

Yep… that’s a bug. Also an easy one to fix. Thx.

I tried this in the latest beta ( and got the error message so it appears not to be fixed.

Working fine here.

Tried it again tonight and it does seem to work.