Changing the Equipment Profile Under an Existing Sequence

I’ve read most of the manual, but I don’t recall seeing anything about associating a sequence with an equipment profile other than at creation.

Is it possible to do that?
I have a sequence defined around a mosaic of a large nebula. It was set up, created with my default equipment profile that includes the LRGB filters in my wheel. If I want to change to use the profile with the narrowband filters, (everything is the same, except the filters), or to make a copy of the sequence, and take the same mosaic with the narrowband filters, is there a way to do that?



Yes, this is possible although it is somewhat hidden:


I don’t see the difference between “Applying a profile” and “New Sequence from Profile”. If you look at the reference you gave it appears to have exactly the same steps as a “New Sequence from Profile” Except for the first line the two topics appear to be the same.

Okay… it’s a little bit hidden, so I don’t feel totally clueless. Now that you’ve pointed it out, it is an obvious place to put it; it just wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Anyway, that’s perfect; just what I needed.