Clarify filter focusing

Whilst im not using the current Beta I was just trying to get my head around the recent absolute positioning change.
Sorry if this seems a numpty question.

so when I select a filter (say LUM) the focuser will move to the absolute position. If I then run the AF routine for that filter will it then use offsets based on the AF position when I change filters?
Can I do this outside of a sequence (assuming i use the same filter that’s first in the sequence) as I prefer to run the AF to check its OK without having to abort a sequence or will the first filter in the sequence trigger a move to absolute position??

Only if you select that new option “Focuser tab->Other”. Otherwise it will function exactly like it does now.

If you check this option, only the first movement will be absolute. Everything after it will be relative. If you don’t check that option, everything will always be relative. No exceptions.

I can’t get a screenshot right now, but please note that "the new option"is NOT the “adjust focus position per filter” that you are used to.