Closing an SGP Dialogue drops me to another Application

This may be more of a Windows/User Error thing than SGP and probably easy to fix but its driving me mad.

For some reason when I am working in SGP I suddenly find myself in another app that I have open, like PHD2 or Stellarium.

It seems to happen if I close something in SGP, for example close the plate solve dialogue or something else and suddenly I’m looking at Stellarium rather than staying in SGP.

Does anyone know how I can stay in SGP when I close one of its dialogues - what am I doing wrong?


This drives me crazy too, when I first run a sequence, PHD2 fires up and connects it’s equipment and somehow SGP forgets to re-selects itself as the application which has ‘Focus’, I have to physically click on SGP’s interface to get it back as the application I can see.

I wish the guy’s could sort this out for sure



There have been attempts to fix this in the 3.1 beta… what version are you using?

This is not what @midnightlightning is getting at, but I take your point.

Hi, I’m using

Ok, the attempts at fixing have only been applies to 3.1 beta. We are close to release here.

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Great, can’t wait :smile:

I am fairly sure this has been fixed in recent 3.1 releases. This always used to bother me too. I run two copies of SGP, one for each scope. If I would pull up Target Settings on a target in one, then close that dialog, it would change focus to the other copy. Does not happen any more.

That is great to hear. I don’t see it anymore either, but I was afraid to jinx it (I have declared this fixed in the past… and it was, um, not).

This has been the case for ages, I think. I just switch back, it doesn’t annoy me too much, but great to know it’s being looked at.