Cloud Watcher and SGP?

Looks like my Astro Alert is starting to fail after 2 years of operations. I’m in the market for a new weather station. Does anyone use the AAG Cloud Watcher? How well does it integrate into SGP? The manual only really mentions the older programs like CCDAP and CCDCC. Any maintenance or quality control issues? How is their tech support/warranty coverage if you did have issues?


I use a Boltwood, which has been bulletproof for better than 6 years but is spendy.

I did run across this recently, don’t know much about it.

Sky Alert

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Yea, I think I’m going to go another way. I haven’t heard raving reviews; mostly the problem becomes if you need service it has to be sent to Europe which can be a nightmare.

If anyone reads this, is anyone using a SkyAlert weather station?

Looks like SRO uses one…

SRO conditions


That would make 2 of the commercial facilities that use it :). Thank you for the help!


I use the AAG device, it works ok with SGP

Wow!!! Look at all those Planewaves!!! Notice the monster Mathis fork mount!!! :open_mouth:


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The AAG device works fine with SGP and the ASCOM safety monitor. You can also script it to work with GNS. I principally use it for cloud and rain detection. The ambient sensor is fine in the summer but in the winter, it picks up the effect of the rain-sensor heater.

It all depends on what data you need - I have just installed the BlueAstro weather stick. It gives precision temperature, pressure and humidity, ideal for setting up my T-Point for the night. With these two, I sold my Davis weather station, who wanted about £100 for a custom FTDi serial cable to run remote software.

I just need to add 6 - 4-inch nails to mine and it will be complete :smile: