Combining autofocus triggers question

I normally use temperature triggered autofocus with a Lum filter and use filter offsets for filter changes. I once had a rogue AF cycle that messed up a whole night when the temperature was stable, so I’m thinking of adding in ‘every x exposures’ trigger too.

My question is - if I have both temperature and x-exposure triggers, do they work independently? So, if I have an AF triggered after 10 exposures, does the temperature trigger work between the last temperature-triggered AF cycle, or just the last exposure. I’m trying to find a happy medium between imaging and focusing.

They do not. One AF will reset the counter (or timer). For instance, If you want to AF every 3 frames OR when temperature drops 1 degree, If the temp drop is triggered on frame 2, it will reset the counter to 1 and the every “3rd” will not run where it would have if the temp trigger had not intercepted.

It’s a good question though and I will update the help files with that info.

Brilliant - that’s perfect. That is much better, in your example, than having an AF on frame 1, 2 and 3.
have a great weekend