Compatible gear thread

Would it be useful if we had a thread where people could post on what gear they have used successfully with SGP? I’m thinking cameras, focusers, rotators, mounts etc. might help with choosing new kit or getting gear working. If one person has same kit and it works then you should be able to get it running and so on. Thanks.

If it’s ASCOM… it works. I think the issue becomes some of the more advanced configurations when you’re dealing with backlash and some of the cheaper mounts (and the more expensive ones) when they don’t implement ASCOM correctly.

If it’s as com it should work, but as you say some do not always implement this correctly. I’ve found a mount, a focuser and a ccd camera on this forum that seem to have issues I presume for this very reason. It might also show people gear they’ve not considered and allow them to see what’s popular, as popular usually means reliable. Just a thought.


Yea, that’s valid. If people want to post their setups that are working, I’ll compile it into a list. If you’re having a trouble, it’d be useful to post that as well.

So far I have tested SGP with:

Works without issues
SX filter wheel
SX Lodestar
Atik 460EX
Orion Atlas with EQMOD (latest version fixes meridian flips)
EM200 with Chucks ASCOM driver
Moonlite mini controller
Rigel Stepper controller



So far all of the following works with SGP:

QSI 660wsg camera including filter wheel
SX Superstar and Lodestar (using PHD only)
Astro-Physics A-P1100GTO mount
Optec/Starlight Instruments Focus Boss II auto focuser

I do not have any devices that do not work with SGP.


This rather illustrates the problem with this sort of thing.

I know you are wrong about at least one of those items so that means than none of what you say about this can be trusted.

If you have problems then contacting the manufacturer will be a better way to resolve problems than slandering them.



You don’t need to trust me, that’s fine! I guess you are involved with one of the products I mentioned as non-working (RDO ?).

Anyway I don’t want to start a crazy argument but I think is better if we only state the hardware that in our experience work without issues.

So I have fix my previous email.



I have tried the QSI660 wag8. Cam and filter wheel work fine.

The following all work

SBIG STF8300m, occasionally has issues with driver but reconnect solves
Lakeside rs232 focuser
Starlight Xpress filter wheel
Skywatcher az-eq6