Computername in Licenses

Hello, and at first sorry, maybe a stupid question, but: where I can change the computernames in the licenses? I use two computers with SGP, I renamed in the computer the names (both), but in the SGP license manager they didn’t change after re - registerd. I know that must be simpel to do, but I’ve just a so called “Board in front of the head”…:-((

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is more a windows issue than an SGP issue. By that I mean it may be outside the ability of the SGP guys to do anything about.

You will need to change the name in Windows, then in the MSS site, actually remove all licenses with the old names. Then open SGPro and re-register via the Help menu.

Thanks, yes, sure: it is only a Win. issue. But I HAVE changed
the Computer names in Win. but they wouldn’t apera in SGP

  But ok, I'll  give it a new try next days, sometimes  Windows

must get a second kick in a…:-))