Configuring SGP to use SkyX and Paramount mount with TPoint

I have a new Paramount ME II with encoders and use TPoint in the SkyX. I control the mount using the SkyX ASCOM driver in SGP. The Paramount documentation says to not allow syncs in the ASCOM driver since it’ll hose up the TPoint. This means that SGP’s syncs don’t work, so centering doesn’t work.
Is there a way around this? Someone mentioned setting the “Sync behavior” in the “Telescope” tab to “Target Offset”. Is that sufficient, and will it allow “Solve and Sync” to work?
Are there any other settings needed?

BTW, the SGP help file only mentions “Offset” for the “Sync behavior”; it does not distinguish between “Target offset” and “Scope offset”. What’s the difference?

Set SGP sync behavior to “Target Offset” and it will work fine. Use DirectGuide in the ASCOM driver.