Connecting QSI wsg camera without guider

Hi: I just got a QSI 690 wsg today. I succeeded in connecting the camera to SGP. I attempted to take a test dark photo with just the imaging camera connected (as I had done when connecting the QSI to TheSkyX that I use for the mount control and alignment).

I received an error message stating within SGP that it could not detect a guider. While I will be using the built in OAG while imaging, I can imagine times (like the test photo or a creating a dark library) where the guide camera isn’t needed. Is it by SGP design that it will allow imaging with the QSI 690wsg only if a guide camera is attached?

SGP version
QSI driver version 7.4.1824.0



No, but you probably have additional Lights in your sequence or options for a guider enabled so when SGP validates the sequence it looks at those options and gives you that warning.

Also for more in-depth assistance please see here: