Cool camera on connect (445)

I noticed a small anomaly with camera cooling. (I have camera cooling on connect enabled in the control panel.)

If I do connect all - the camera starts cooling down as designed.
If I do not do connect all - but run a timed sequence, the equipment connects but the cooler display shows the cooler is on but there is no cooler power (0%) being applied.

[update] - the behavior was consistent - tried several times with each approach but after PC reboot, it appeared to work fine when I ran the sequence…

I’ll attempt to duplicate this behavior. For timed sequences I typically disable the “Cool down on connect”. SGP will start the camera cooling before your sequence starts when using a timed sequence. I’m guessing we may be enforcing this behavior when “cool down on connect” is also checked.


Jared - I have to cool my camera slowly, to prevent condensation and long before the imaging starts. If memory serves me well, cool down on connect worked with timed sequences using SGP versions this time last year.
It would be great to re-instate the conformance with the option, regardless of the immediate/scheduled imaging start.

Looks like the “Cool on Connect” is working with the Sims at least. Can you attach a log so I can check it out?

Thank you,

Jared - I updated to the latest - it seems to be working now. I’m guessing it is one of those ‘things’ which sometimes occur.