Cooling Error ASI 071

Forum newbie here. I have successfully used SGP for 6 months with my ASI 1600, Now I have a new ASI 071. I used it 2 weeks ago in SGP version to get a sequence of darks at minus 15 C and _had no problems_. But when I went to do another set of darks today at minus 15 C, the cooler data hangs up at minus 1.6 and freezes. After this I get no further data for cool-down or warmup - it stays frozen at minus 1.6. Then when I go to close program I get an error message that SGP has stopped working. I tried several times. always freezes at minus 1.6 C. Did computer reboots. Tried different USB cables - no luck.
The log files show “successful completion of temperature changes” which of course is not true.
So I tried cooling in another program (APT) and it worked fine - so the camera cooler is working ok.
It fails in SGP Version and It worked 2 weeks ago in
I have the latest ASCOM driver for the camera.
I hope someone can help…

Please see here so we can better assist:


Jared, Thank you for your quick reply. I have attached my log files from the failed cooling problem session. They are attached in two formats so I hope you can read at least one.

Thanks again, Gary (chili3imager)

sg_logfile_20170317224333.txt (21.9 KB)


Thanks for the log file. Unfortunately nothing suspicious here. We ask your camera TEC to move to -15C and that’s it (from the SGPro side). The next step here is to understand the camera’s side of the story by finding the camera ASCOM logs. It might have more details. If nothing has changed with respect to software… SGPro, ASCOM, Camera drivers, etc and you see things broken where they where once working, you might want to check stuff on the hardware side (especially if it is cold where you are). USB stuff tends to fail much more quickly in extreme cold. Hubs and stuff like that was made for indoor use. Power supply voltage, solid connections, all that stuff.