Covered up/hidden dialog boxes

I seem to be having trouble with hidden dialog boxes.

I rolled back from to 1 because I couldn’t open any sequences. Can’t be sure but that may have been the same problem.

Tonight on when slewing or centering on a target I had hidden dialogue boxes with no way to get to them and just had to hit enter to get the default choice.

Is there a way to cycle through the open windows?

This is a 1366 x 768 display on a windows 10 laptop.

Had another one of these last night,

Very frustrating to click anywhere and get a system bong. This time hitting the return key didn’t help either.

eventually I clicked on the master SDP frame and the hidden solved dialog came to the front.

Is that the normal behavior?

I get something similar when trying to select settings for my Microtouch Focuser in SGP. Happens consistently when I pick either Settings in the Focus tab of the Control Panel, or settings wrench under Equipment section of the Sequence Window. Used to think SGP had crashed, but eventually realized that this new window was lurking in the background:

Can use [Alt]-[Tab] to bring the window to the “front”.

I think this is more an issue with Microtouch driver/software than SGP.


Unfortunately, yes. It is a known issue with .NET applications and, to the extent possible, we have called into the native Win32 SDK to minimize it, but, as of now, there is no way of completely eliminating the behavior.

This is a good way to handle it… sometimes, just clicking the SGPro icon in the taskbar will show the hidden window.

And, as a note, I know we cater to a bunch of engineers so… yes, all of our child windows have proper parenting and all of them consider z-order when showing. .NET seems confused by z-order sometimes when switching back and forth between processes. You will often see this behavior in ASCOM driver windows too.

Alt Tab does not work for me. All SGP windows are considered as one window in alt tab

Try escape. For me when modal dialog boxes are hidden behind the sequence window, esc will still close it.