Crab Nebula

2 Hours of Ha & OIII

Crab Nebula

Not sure how good this actually is overall - but it is one that I like myself and think it OK for just two hours.

Here is the same shot using Ha & SII (Still a total of 2 hours)

Crab Nebula   2 Hours Ha & SII

Just having fun with the new SGP Forum:-

Which do you like best (don’t pay any attention to whether they are actually any good or not :slight_smile: )

  • Ha & OIII
  • Ha & SII


1 seems more natural to me

Hi Orac - I am of the same opinion…but with narrow band filters one never knows what others feel re the final colours.

By the way all - please disregard the “POLL” - I guess I did not set it up properly and cannot get it to work as it should. (My Fault). Maybe some other time.


I tend to like seeing the different wavelengths in different colors, so I like the second one best. Why not make a tri color SII/Ha/OIII image?

I had this one on my computer but I honestly cannot remember if it is HOS or SHO for RGB. If nothing else it is colourful.

Crab Nebula HaOIISII


I have added in Ha again as Lum.

(Quality is not great here - I am away from home computer and just ‘playing’)

Previous shot now with ha added back in as Lum


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