Dealyed start of exposure due to satellite track

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I am using SGPro for a while and I am very happy with it. Thanks for this wonderful product.

I have a basic problem. During every session I lose some subs due to satellite tracks. That is annoying if I try to capture subs of let’s say 5 minutes.
The orbital elements of the brightest satellites are well known. Why not implement a feature which allows to wait until the satellite passed the area? … or to restart the exposure?
SGPro knows where the telescope is pointing to and also the parameters of the camera and the OTA.

Maybe this can be implemented as an external service with a connection to SGPro or as a feature of SGPro itself.

A similar problem are aircrafts. With an ADSB receiver it is possible to detect them and to calculate the azimuth and elevation. These tracks are not predictable but it would be possible to restart the exposure if an aircraft hits the area where the camera is pointing to.

This kind of problems will get worse in the future.

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Subs with satellite and aircraft tracks have never been wasted for me. All the tracks disappear when I stack the subs. You may need to adjust your stacking parameters for better rejection. None of these should be a waste. If you are only stacking a few subs, this will be more of a problem, but if you are stacking at least 10 they should disappear.
An interesting thing happened to me recently which I had never seen before. I happened to have 2 copies in my stack of the same sub which had a very strong aircraft track. In this unusual case I noticed, unfortunately after I had completely processed the image, that there was a very faint image of the track that showed up in my final image. So faint that I only noticed it at the very end. But even this required 2 of the same track to manifest itself.

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