Delay between focus exposures

Hi all

I’m pretty sure I have seen this somewhere, but for the live of me cannot find the option anymore. So here’s the question:
Is there a way to set a delay to be applied between focus exposures? My OTA could use some settling time after the focuser moved…


There is no static delay, but you can use the “Settle guider before AF frames option” found in the Control Panel -> Guider tab.

Hmmm not sure I fully understand. I’m not guiding. What I was looking for is something like:
Take Focus Frame -> Move Focuser -> Settle for some seconds -> Take next Focus Frame

I was using this OTA with FocusMax and a Settling time of 3 seconds and that worked fine. Without the settle I saw the same thing as I do now with SGP, the focus measurments do not give a nice V-Curve but rather a zig zag line which throws off the final focusing result.

Ah, I see. SGPro does not allow for this right now. You can add it to feature requests if you’d like. The feature I pointed out does what you are looking for, but relies on PHD2 to tell SGPro when the scope is settled.

Thanks Ken, feature request submitted.
As I’m not guiding (10Micron mount) I’m also not using PHD.