Difference between "fine" and "course" focus in autofocus

I have a Focuslynx system with Feather Touch Focus Boss II system and handy stepper motor. After an initial hiccup yesterday I’m back on track and it hooks up fine to SGP. I calculated my step size to be 98 (which I’ll round up to 100).

My question is, is there a difference between “course” and “fine” focus in the SGP focus control? Clicking it 100 steps in either fine or course seems to move it 100 steps–i.e. it doesn’t make a difference Also the Focuslynx software doesn’t differentiate.


I’m a little confused by your question. I have the same focus system. Coarse and fine focus each have user driven settings. You may choose to enter 10 for fine and 100 for coarse or whatever you want.  If you have 100 entered for each of those then there will be no difference between coarse and fine focus.

There is no difference between them. Both will move the focuser to the
specified amou

Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software

Hi Ken,

Nah, obviously it’s me who is confused. I didn’t realize that it was a
user driven setting, and the “fine” and “course” was a matter of
convenience. I’m just setting up the autofocuser for the first time. I
was going to do some autofocusing tests tonight after the Virtual Star
Party and I wanted to make sure all my settings were correct.