Disappearing Docking Modules


We’re experiencing a strange problem with our remote imaging software.

Basically, the camera’s TEC Control Docking Module keeps disappearing off the screen after a short time! I tried to reinstate it but it made matters much worse affecting and removing several of the other docking modules. When I was able to reinstate those, the module displays were cut off at the edges so it was difficult or impossible to access their features. Even worse, the main image display also disappeared, although the pre-set sequence did run successfully. I ‘Reset Module Layout’ but it didn’t bring back the TEC module.

Rebooting the PC (running Windows 10) didn’t fix the problem but a second reboot did. I recently updated SGP to v4.1.0.866 but the problem still exists. Rather than trying to reinstate the missing TEC module I found that exiting and restarting SGP fixes the problem temporarily so at least the camera’s cooling can be controlled that way. Unfortunately though, this problem seems to be triggering the PC to shut down during a sequencing run.

SGP had been completely stable up to this point so I’m wondering if a Windows 10 update has created the problem.

If anyone has any ideas about this I’d like to hear from you!



Interesting… I don’t have any great ideas off the top of my head and haven’t ever seen this before. Windows 10 is not the problem. Most SGPro users are in Win10. Are you using a remote desktop, multiple monitors or possibly Windows 10’s Virtual Desktop feature?

It sounds like Windows is issuing a system wide notification that the layout of the desktop is changing. This causes all apps to react and perform a layout in response. It seems like the TEC module is moving to the “new” location on the desktop which is now offscreen.

This seems like you might have Windows scaling enabled? We don’t support custom scaling modes, just the normal ones that Windows provides. We support any value found in this Windows Dropdown


But we dont support scaling changes found in “Advanced Scaling Setting” below that dropdown. When click into that, you’ll want to ensure that there is no value entered into the text box. It should look like:


Sorry, I don’t understand what this part means

In any case, because there is nothing we can do about windows moving offscreen during desktop layout changes, almost all modules and windows support resetting positions individually. I don’t know if this correct the issue (temporarily or at all), but you can just right-click the module icon you’d like to reset.

Hi Ken.

Thanks very much for your rapid response and possible solutions. Basically, I’m using multiple monitors on my PC at home in England to control an astrophotography rig in southern Spain (which uses just one monitor). I connect to the remote site using Splashtop software.

As per your comments it definitely sounds like Windows is the culprit here. I’ll investigate the scaling option. We certainly haven’t changed anything but Windows, as we know, is fickle at the best of times! I’ve attached a screen shot showing our current settings, which look the same as your screen shots. Perhaps next time when the problem recurs I’ll change the scaling amount to see if I can locate the missing Docking Module!

Unfortunately though, this problem seems to be triggering the PC to shut down during a sequencing run .<<

What I meant by this was that for the last several imaging runs the PC in Spain has shut down at various stages during the imaging sequence once the TEC module has disappeared, and I’ve been unable to reconnect. Whether this is related to the potential scaling problem is unclear.

I’ve been monitoring the PC in Spain for the last 8 hours or so and it all seems stable so hopefully we’ll get some data tonight. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks again.