Disconnect Equipment at End of Sequence

Hi, I figure I’m missing something so I thought I’d ask here. I like to have my camera warm for 30 minutes at the end of the sequence. I’d also like to have all my gear disconnect at the end of the sequence. Example: Sequnce end/park/warm camera/disconnect equipment.

If I set it to disconnect at the end of the sequence, my scope parks and then disconnects without allowing my camer to warm. Am I missing something or is this the expected behavior?

All SGP knows what to do, is to either cool the camera by turning the cooler power on, or letting the camera warm up by turning the power off, as there is no camera warmer per se…

So what you are seeing is expected behaviour.

That’s kind of what I thought. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not really the entire story. There is a specific cooler and warmer control in the equipment control panel for the camera. You can automatically set it to cool on connect, or sequence start, over a defined period.
There is also a warm on sequence end - again over a defined period. I use this to reduce thermal shock. You can set SGP so that it parks scope, closes roof, disconnects all equipment (apart from camera), warms camera up gently and then disconnect camera.

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Thank you Buzz, live & learn…

Thanks Chris. This is exactly what I was looking for. I remembered you talking about thermal shock in your SGP videos. I’ll dig a little deeper into the settings so I can set it up as you’ve described.