Dithering if PHD2 is not used

I have a MYT Paramount and have not been guiding with it. I can’t seem to find where the control is to dither if I am not using guiding in the equipment manager. Could someone tell me where I might find this control in SPG with it connected to a paramount MYT?

Thank you.

choose direct mount guider

Thanks, so I am setting up like “fake” guider? Joe

What does the tex PDH Notre You must have the PHD server enabled for this function to work properly?

Thank you

Not sure what you mean by that last post, but the Direct Mount Guider has nothing to do with PHD2. Instead of picking PHD2 from the dropdown, you pick the Direct Mount Guider and then you can adjust the maximum size of the pulse for dithering between frames.

Thank you, I figured that out while I was setup. It did dither but I got an odd error. I stopped using SPG after that and moved over to TheSkyX.

This is the error. I didn’t think that it was dithering and I didn’t want walking lines. I appreciate the help for next time. Also if I don’t have a rotator will SPG tell me how much I have to rotate the camera if I do mosaics?


We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs, SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

More information here How to Submit Logs in SGPro - SGPro Support - Main Sequence Software

If you select “Manual Rotator” in SGP devices. And set in the Mosaic then it will prompt you to manually rotate when outside your chosen limit.

Hi Ken I posted my log as a support issue yesterday if you could please have a look. Thank you.

OK - Thank you!