Dithering without Guiding?!


I kept improving the T-Point model for my MyT mount and am considering to stop guiding (I can take up to 10 min unguided images which are as good or better then guided - and am still finding ways to improve). Is there any way to do dithering when I’m not guiding? Right now it’s part of the guider settings, i.e. doesn’t happen if you select “No Auto Guider”.


Sorry, just found Dither without guiding and will try out the “Direct Mount Guider”.

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Hmmm, but one problem is that the “Direct Mount Guider” doesn’t support meridian flips! Why is that? And how would you work around that?


You don’t. That’s a silly error on our part. We can fix that.

Any idea when this will be fixed, Ken? I’d like to use this for unguided imaging on my 10Micron mount, but depend automated meridian flips.


From the release note on

Thanks Ken, should have updated before opening my mouth, ;=]], sry.

(BTW, I posted a note on the 10Micron forum about a script I’ve written for owners of 10Micron mounts that will will use SGP instead of MaximDL to do captures during modeling runs, should I post that on this forum as well, do you think?)


No need to apologize… just making folks aware of release notes… if you weren’t already.

Please, sounds great…