Do I need to unpark

I have noticed frequently that when I begin a new session and open PHD2 that the mount is moving. The stars are quickly moving across the screen. It takes about a minute for a star to move from one edge of the PHD2 window to the other. My mount is a CGEM. What I have finally realized this happens after SGP has parked my telescope the previous session. I will have come out in the morning and moved the scope to its home position and put it in hibernation. The next session when I wake the mount up I have this issue and the only fix is to kill power to the mount and realign. This issue does not appear if I check the box to “stop tracking when sequence completes” Is there an unpark command that I am missing and if so how do I issue it. Or do I have other problems.


Park will move the mount to the park position and at least stop tracking. It also sets the driver to the Parked state.

You need to send an Unpark command to unpark the mount, this will restore the tracking state.

It’s possible your system will do more, with the latest ASCOM driver and NexStar+ hand control the Park command will hibernate the mount and Unpark will wake it up. Power can be cycled. between these.