Doing a mosaic and Guiding is Restarted after first section

I’m currently doing a test run of my first mosaic. I working in the NGC6888 area of Cygnus and after completing 5 subframes of the “first target sector” SGP goes in to the Plate Solve routine and then calls PHD to do another calibration routine. The routine failed but then worked on the 3rd time round. Should I be looking for a way to cancel guiding recalibration(s) if in the first place it was guiding just fine. If so how do I stop the recalibration in PHD? Should I be patient and just allow it to recalibrate? Thanks in advance.

Make sure this is un-checked:

If you have a good calibration in PHD2 and your guiding setup does not change (i.e. no rotation of guide camera), then you can reuse your PHD2 calibration from night to night, no need to recalibrate at all:

The only time you should need to recalibrate would be if you guide camera angle changes, or if you change guide scopes. Also, if you are using ST-4 guiding and do not connect PHD2 to your mount with an ASCOM connection (Mount or Aux Mount) then you need to recalibrate whenever your target declination changes by more than a few degrees.


Andy, thanks again. I just went out about 10 min ago and noticed my camera on the other side of the mount!
I have done my first meridian filp without even realizing it did it!! . No wonder it asked for a re-calibration. I think I’m in total ectasy! I will take heed on what you have posted to me above and somewhere I must have allowed a meridian flip. I’ll have to check my settings on my sequence after everything is downloaded.

That’s great you got a successful meridian flip!

PHD2 does not need to be recalibrated after a meridian flip though. As long as your Mount in PHD2 is an ASCOM mount, or if you have an ASCOM mount as the Aux Mount, then PHD2 handles flipping the calibration flip automatically. If you have an ST-4 mount connection in PHD2 then SGP will flip the calibration data, so again no re-calibration required. My guess is that the re-calibration was triggered by that same setting “re-calibrate auto guider when target changes”.