Dome slave and unpark

I was wondering if we can get dome slaving and unpark to start with an exposure?
I manually check focus before a sequence. This starts with an exposure or focus from the control panel. It would be nice to do this automatically.

Domes don’t have the same safety problems as roll off roofs. So I would think that unparking, slaving and even opening a dome should not be a big deal with a exposure request.

This is a pretty small enhancement and not a big deal.

Mainly, I just have to remember to manually unpark and slave the dome. This is a pain to remember sometimes.


Max - have you tried the current options? When you start a sequence, or a timed sequence start kicks in, it can open the roof and unpark the mount. The only difference with ROR’s is that you need to park / slave in the right order. For a dome, it is irrelevant.

Yes. That works fine. The problem sometime I take a image … focus or sync before the sequence starts. I forget to slave, then I get a blank screen.

I am wondering why we have the minor nuisance?