Double recovery?

Somewhat similar to the earlier post regarding the recovery window not closing , for me this evening I also had the clouds roll in and now I’ve got two recovery windows open. One is saying it’s on attempt 6 with 40 mins remaining and 8 minutes until the next attempt, the other 28 mins to go and 0 mins until the next attempt and it is on attempt 2.


I cannot find any conditions that would cause this… yet it is happening to at least 2 people. I have refactored the recovery code pretty significantly to deal with what “might” be the issue. At the very least, the logging is much better and should be more informative if we still see it continue to happen.



I hope these reports are of some help in making SGP more robust rather than being a PITA!

I wonder if part of the issue is the interface to phd2. I too get the issue where phd2 has to be guiding before the sequence begins so it would appear that in some areas either phd2 is not showing its status appropriately or SGP is not parsing it correctly.

I also think that there is an issue somewhere to do with parking and syncing leading to the mount ending up 90 degree out in both axes. Possibly due to the two recovery sessions running and one has run the end of sequence events whilst the other hasn’t??? Certainly when trying to resume from park, SGP decided that its first photo for its centre and sync should be from the park position that failed to see stars and when I got stellarium fired up and told it to slew “up” someplace it then proceeded to point further at the ground although stellarium was reporting the mount to be still pointed at my target location prior to the slew.