Downloading failing almost continuouslly during session


I have occasionally had problems during an image download when it reports ‘downloading’ but does so for ever. I have no option but to close the program (!) Last night was different. Trying to focus was impossible because it repeatedly reported ‘downloading’ but didn’t do anything else. I had to repeatedly close and restart the program, seeing the temperature go haywire! I do not believe the cable is faulty but I will try a replacement. The cable links the camera directly to the laptop - no USB hub involved. Note that every close/restart produces a new log so I’m not sure what log to attach!

it seems that the log file is not an authorised image…! so it won’t upload (even though the instructions say that it will.

Link to Logs

Useful Info


I have run into the same problems with a QHY minicam5 that is cooled. However, my Atik camera’s work fine. I haven’t checked with QHY yet.