Dslr download times

Is there any tips on how to get better download times.I have a canon 650d.I have disabled image history and enabled high speed download but still it takes at least 1 t o1.5 min for downloads.Focus downloads area bit better but still at least 40 sec.

Your download times are likely very normal for your camera. If you have image history turned on, this can add to the time between exposures and masquerade as a longer download time. Try turning it off and see how that works for you.

THanks I have already switched that off and it did indeed make a big difference.IF these times are normal that is ok I just thought it might be something I am doing wrong.

I am using a modded 550D and my download times are much much faster (without enabling fast download, and with image history enabled, they take around 15-20 seconds to download). Have you checked if the port and/or cable used is USB 2.0? (and not USB1.0).


I checked the port and it is USB 2 . What should I be looking for in terms the cable?

Try connecting the camera to another port (maybe with another USB cable, and/or even to a different computer) take a picture pressing the camera’s shutter button and download a picture (withough any astro software) and see if there is any difference in download time.