DSLR memory card and laptop

Is there a way to save images during a sequence to both the laptop and a DSLR’s memory card?

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write a simple scripts to copy over any new files e.g. robocopy SOURCE DESTINATION *.wma /E /XC /XN /XO

We only allow them to be saved on the PC at the moment. We can’t rename images on the camera like we can when saved to the PC…nor can we save FITs there. We can look into allowing images to also be saved on the camera but they would be named as the camera names them.


The native naming of the files onto the DSLR’s memory chip and the “named” version onto the laptop would be perfect!

When I’m out in the field, I have two laptops - one that I use to control the AP setup (that the images download to when I use SGP) and one that I use to do a rough processing to adjust the next night’s plan. Being able to transfer the image files from the camera onto the processing laptop would be easier than laptop to laptop. Also, I like the idea of having backup images in case something happens with either the laptop or memory card…

Thanks for the consideration.